Thursday, 16 August 2012

Must remember about blog...

OK well I dissapeared from here for months, and had almost forgotten I had started a blog so I thought I should at least post something!

I have actually managed to get out a bit recently! A wander up Y Garn and back down through Devil's kitchen, and a mooch up Tryfan which is always fun.

A few trips to the quarries means I've actually got some climbing done and a cheapo second hand mountain bike means I've actually being doing that too. I seem to have gone into a hobby overdrive now that work is out for the summer.

As last weekend was nice and sunny I made it to the beach for a bit of Frisbee and a swim... well a snooze and a book. In the evening we'd planned to go find the Baron Hill Mansion ruins near Beaumaris and for once the plan actually happened! What a place... very atmospheric and quite sad to see such a place in such a state. Didn't have a camera so need to go back there soon as to have a proper explore of the place.

Well hopefully I will actually get out and do stuff soon and remember to write

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