Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Carnedd y Filiast (Feb 3rd)

Elidir Fawr from just below Marchlyn Fach
Early Feb brought snow to everywhere except North Wales it seemed. There was a fair dusting on the mountains, with clear blue skies thrown into the mix, I just had to get my walking boots on. A few free hours and look at the map and the bus timetable found me looking at Marchlyn Mawr, the top reservoir for electric mountain, and then on up to Carnedd y Filiast if conditions were good. 

Looking back
So Friday morning brought excited bag packing (one of the best bits), soup making and a mad dash to the bus stop. By 8:50 I was on the bus to Deiniolen. Took the road to the right of the church up to the bottom of the access road. OK, so the road up isn't the most exciting, but the higher you get the more you see which makes it worth the slog. 

Taking in the views with a quick hot chocolate
 A road branches off to the left before Marchlyn Fawr, follow that down a little and there's a style over nothing and the path can be seen heading up. This seemed a good spot for a snack and a hot chocolate before the walk to the top. A handy set of footprints showed the path up so I could follow them and enjoy the views as more of the Carneddau started to appear. 

The Carneddau the otherside of Nant Ffrancon

The boulders at the top took a bit of time to get around, but once there the views were stunning. Clear blue skies, snowy tops and not another soul to be seen were just perfect. Lots of pictures, soup and pita breads for lunch with a mug of hot chocolate before sadly turning around and heading back down. It was a shame not to have time to do the full Marchlyn round but I will be back to finish it off!

An easy walk back down the way I came to Deiniolen and the bus home.


I'm a sometimes walker and climber suffering from chronic laziness trying to get out to the hills more because once I'm there I love it. Living in sunny (ahem...) North Wales means I have no excuse not to get out and take advantage of the hills and mountains that are so close. A brief outing every so often is all I've ever managed so hopefully this year things will change, and I will get fit!

Writing a blog means I will need things to write about, so I will have to get out more... well thats the theory behind the plan...

Anyone actually reading will be a great bonus and added encouragment to cure the chronic laziness that has blighted my attempts so far.